Fauste Oil Services is one of the Midwest’s top energy recovery companies.  Beginning with what is quintessentially a waste petroleum product; we recycle and refine the petroleum to produce a quality product serving as an alternative industrial fuel. In addition to our recycling and refining process, we provide the following environmental services including spill clean-up, vacuum truck services, and consulting.

Fauste Oil Services Incorporated has been a family owned and operated business since 1982 when it opened its doors as Fauste and Son’s Garage in Irvine, Kentucky.  As the years passed from working on various equipment with a wide range of companies, Steve Fauste saw the opportunity to transition into the oil industry.  In 1990 Steve Fauste became the sole proprietor of Fauste Oil Services Incorporated.  Since 1990 Fauste Oil has continuously evolved and remained on the cutting edge of petroleum energy recovery.

Fauste Oil Services offers FREE used oil pickup!

Who picks up used oil? We do… for free! In this market, many companies are charging a lot of money for used oil pickup. At Fauste Oil Company, we offer FREE used oil pickup to all of our customers. Service is our middle name! We care about our customers, and we are here to serve you! Just call us for all the details!

We service our customers all over, and we are proud to offer petroleum services such as free used oil pickup in Kentucky.

Our oil and petroleum services, including FREE used oil pickup, are used especially the areas of Central Kentucky, Northern Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, Southern Kentucky, Richmond, Ashland, Lexington, Louisville, Florence, and other areas around Kentucky.